For Investors

Real estate is not a luxury but a source of income.


We specialize in the construction of the investment commercial and residential real estate in Limassol, as well as its future maintenance.

Our goal is to offer the highest returns for investors and to optimize the costs of taxation and maintenance of the purchased property.

Protecting the interests of the client and the legal purity of the transaction are our priorities.

We advise our clients on the procedure for purchasing overseas real estate and on immigration issues. We control all stages of the transaction and guarantee legal support.

The issue of competent capital investment is especially acute for many investors today. Some currencies lost their weight against the EUR and the USD, which have significantly appreciated recently.

The conclusion is that investment in foreign currency is profitable. Investments in overseas real estate are a safe and highly profitable asset.

But how to make your way amid the abundance of investment options in the overseas real estate market? Which country to choose? Which real estate to prefer: residential or commercial? Maybe invest during the construction phase? How not to lose the invested funds?

Our analysts will help find answers: they advise investors, help in finding properties to invest in, and check the legal purity of the transaction. Our agents will prepare and help collect a set of documents for the transaction. They know which property to offer, given your goals and the investment attractiveness of a particular property.

5Queens Development will provide information on tax laws, price growth dynamics, capitalization potential, possibility of additional financing, prospects for profits, rental income, and obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of Cyprus.

Our clients trust us and become our long-term partners. We always strive to build strong, reliable, and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Why buy property in Cyprus?

Buying a Cyprus property grants your whole family the right to obtain residence permits or citizenship

You get a "backup airfield" in case of economic or political upheaval back home

You invest and earn your profit, because real estate in Cyprus almost never fall in price

You can rent out an apartment, office or villa and obtain official income in Euros

Buying a house in the world-famous resort, you can fly here for vacation at any time convenient for you

It is in the top most reliable markets for investment in overseas real estate, according to Knight Frank

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*The island has become a favorite place for investing funds by investors from Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China due to the flexible policy of issuing residence permits.


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