Smart acquisition of real estate in Cyprus
Get a residence permit, the EU passport acquiring quality property for a family or investment, so that it would be liquid both today and in the future
335 sunny days per year, clean water of the Mediterranean Sea, ecology - average life expectancy 82 years
Two families - you and your parents can obtain the citizenship of Cyprus, the EU passports and all the rights of an EU citizen.
Dividend tax 0%, income tax 12.5% - the best tax rates in Europe, for IT companies income tax 2.4%
25% Russian-speaking community, you and your loved ones will feel at home
5 QUEENS in numbers
Buy quality property for life and investment with us conveniently
Euro is the average cost per square meter of the renewable 5 QUEENS Developmet
Object was handed over to our clients who became citizens of Cyprus
Square meters of real estate in the process of development
Square meters will be put into operation in 2018 and 2019
Platinum business center
"Wall Street" business center in Limassol
The total area is 8500 m2 - the date of delivery is 2020.
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Valuation, liquidity and profitability
How in the overheated market to stay in profit and control the risks?
Property location
The liquidity of the object is primarily affected by its location. With any market fluctuations, you remain with high liquidity in case it is well located. And the reverse situation, no matter how high-quality the object, if it is located badly, to lease or sell it will be difficult in any market.
Example with air tickets - the closer to the flight the more expensive, there are exceptions, but as a rule this is how the pricing is arranged. In the real estate situation is similar, the closer to the issuance of keys the more expensive. Conclusion: buying in the early stages you can save a lot and get the keys later, but at a price below the current market.
Quality of construction and finishing
New property always looks good and pleases the eye, but the quality of construction is evident over the years. Heat and hydro isolation, faultless engineering, all this should be reliable. Energy-saving windows, warm floors, solar panels will save you in the future with the maximum level of comfort. Invest in quality facilities, this is liquidity in the future.
Risk of unfinished construction
Buying in the early stages of construction, the question arises: will the object be completed? In Europe, very strict regulation in the construction industry, the client is protected to the maximum. In particular, the developer receives your money in proportion to the work performed. You get a bank guarantee and completely control the progress of construction and movement of funds.
Residential real estate or commercial - which will be more profitable from the point of rent or sale in the future. Due to the fact that many companies are moving to Cyprus, we will have a growing demand for offices and middle-class housing for employees. When we build an object for an investor, we give an opportunity to decide in the process of construction which object will end up: residential, commercial, or partially residential partially commercial.
Controlling the risk of market volatility
The fall of the market, it is quite possible situation - from it, unfortunately, no one is immune. It is important that, even in the deepest crisis, the market in Cyprus can last for a maximum of 20%, which means buying an object at an early stage of construction and receiving a 20-25% discount, you control the risk of volatility. With a stable and growing market, you can record profits both in the construction process and at its end.
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Marea Negara House
Элитная вилла "MAREA NEGARA " HOUSE на Кипре, в Лимассоле.

Дом расположен в городской черте в тихом уединенном месте рядом с парком, в шаговой доступности от магазинов, банков, увеселительных заведений и моря, напротив знаменитого парка "ДАССУДИ" с эвкалиптами, соснами и песчаным пляжем.

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