EU citizenship when buying property in Cyprus
You can get passports not only for yourself but also for parents
Why get citizenship simply?
In 2014 the Government of Cyprus has amended its Legislation. Any investor willing to invest monetary funds into the development of the island can receive the Cyprus citizenship. These opportunities allow one to reside and work in all countries of the European Union, as well as receive the benefits provided to the local population. In 2016 the aforementioned investment law was amended. The minimum investment sum was set at €2 million.

Council of Ministers decision, dated September 13th, 2016.
Published in the official newspaper of the Republic of Cyprus on September 16th, 2016.

Benefits of the Cyprus EU citizenship program
Unlike many EU countries, you do not need to give up your former citizenship!
Return on Investment
Three years after receiving citizenship, you may get your investment back.
Receiving the passport of the Republic of Cyprus and the EU in the shortest time possible. The average time between selecting the investment object and receiving citizenship is 6 months.
The lowest taxes in the EU
The use of minimal corporate tax in Europe. No taxation of dividends received in Cyprus or in any EU state, no inheritance tax.

Opportunities for an EU citizen
Participants of the program receive the right to reside and conduct business on the territory of Cyprus, as well as EU states, the opportunity to travel the world freely. Your children will have the opportunity to receive education in the best universities of the world.
Passports for the whole family
The citizenship is issued not only to the investor, but the investor's entire family: spouse, children under the age of 28, aside from that you may file for citizenship for your parents.
Climate, ecology, security
Living on an island with a great climate, an English-speaking population, with a wonderful environment. On top of everything else, Cyprus is one of the safest places in the world.
The most popular types of investments
Residential Properties
Minimum investment:
€ 2 million (excluding VAT)

Additional conditions:

This option is the most popular with a minimum entry threshold.
Commercial property
Minimum investment:
€ 2 million (excluding VAT)

Additional conditions:
purchase of residential property for a total of
from € 500 thousand (without VAT)

This option is the most promising, due to the large demand for commercial real estate.
Development projects
Minimum investment:
€ 2 million (excluding VAT)

Additional conditions:
purchase of residential property for a total of
from € 500 thousand (without VAT)

You enter the project at the stage of buying land and have the opportunity to get the maximum profit.
The process of obtaining citizenship under the
investments in real estate
Property Selection
Selecting real estate which meets the requirements of the program.
Make a deal
Process the purchase transaction in accordance with all requirements of the program, complete payment, and file documents for temporary residency and citizenship.

Documentation is filed personally by the applicant. Biometric data is filed.
Obtaining a residence permit
First the investor receives temporary residency, as only a resident of Cyprus can receive citizenship in accordance with EU requirements.
Acquiring citizenship
Half a year after filing the initial documentation packet, the citizenship of Cyprus is issued.

The applicant is not obligated to reside in Cyprus until the citizenship is issued.
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Decision of the Council of Ministers of 13.09.2016
Published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus 16/09/2016
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